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Mobile Technicians is one of the leading mobile phone repair and accessory specialists with over ten years of experience in the trade. Based in Glasgow we specialize in repairing and upgrading mobile phone, tablet, computer, laptop, and game consoles repairs either at one of our many shopping mall shops or you can drop off your device at our repair center in Glasgow. We now offer a mail in repair option for all mobile phone repairs. Once we have repaired your smartphone, we will contact you or either send it back to you or you can collect from one of our Kiosks or shops. Some of our most common repairs are glass replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, unlocking and more. We only source the highest quality screens, and by doing this we are confident in offering a 12-month warranty against any defective part that we use (T&C’s apply)

Steps For Repairing Your Device

No, it’s not a long hassle that you have to go through, all you got to do is follow these 3 simple steps and you will be free of your worries.

Our team realizes the worry that a client face!


We know how important our gadgets are to stay connected with our loved ones and business updates. We do realize that in today’s era, you cannot move even an inch without your gadgets and if any of them gets damaged, you would be dragged back into the stone age and it won’t just affect your business but it would affect the people around you as well who are trying to keep track of your whereabouts.

Therefore, our team understands all of the problems a customer would face and sympathizes with them. Our team would try their best to repair your damaged or broken devices within the least possible time so that you don’t get affected by either of those scenarios. So, got a broken tablet? A damaged phone or any of the gadgets, our team is here to fix it!


MOBILE TECHNICIAN is the leading high tech brand in offering express repairs of smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops.


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